Do you know that the production and publishing of low-content books to make money is now

possible? Getting your book published can be stressful and costly, but with Amazon’s Kindle

Direct Publishing {KDP}, you can easily publish your book at a low cost and it is hassle-free.

With KDP, you can self-publish your book on Amazon for free and start earning money in less

than 24 hours or more when people start reading your books.

In addition to this, you can make close to $1.90 per sale from Amazon KDP just by selling a

120 pages paperback book with black and white interiors. Furthermore, you can make

$1,140/month from your top 20 books each selling one copy per day. The Amazon KDP has

just made publishing better than searching for an agent or landing a book deal and going

through the stress of publishing a printed book. If you have an interest in knowing how to

make money by publishing using Amazon KDP, then this article is for you.

Introduction to Amazon KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing is the Amazon eBook self-publishing platform launched in November

2007, with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. Amazon KDP can be

used to publish free paperbacks, eBooks, and hardback books. And KDB provides you with

direct access to your book on Amazon and to construct a product description page for your


Furthermore, KDP can help you make your book available globally, making it more accessible

to readers globally. However, one of the benefits of using KDP to publish is the ability to give

you total control over your book.

Essential guides to know by users:

• Amazon Kindle store is known to have over 90 million in the US alone

• Self-publishing on the Amazon KDP platform is always 100% free for users all over the


• Amazon allows you to save your money, unlike traditional ways of publishing your books

which require a lot of money and stress.

• Amazon KDP makes it easier for individuals worldwide to self-publish their books and sell

them on the Amazon platform for free.


• Publishing on Amazon Kindle is stress-free and user-friendly.

What types of Books can users publish with Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP can be used to publish books such as:

• eBooks

• Paper books

• Textbooks

• Journals

• Book series

• Novels

• Children Books

• Cookbooks

• Poetry books

What are the benefits of using Amazon KDP?

I’m sure you’ve figured out the benefit of using the Amazon KDP platform: in using KDP, there

are no hidden costs to pay for you to publish and list your book on the platform. But below

are a few more reasons why we should join the group of people using the KDP platform.

• Selling Worldwide

Access to millions of customers is a massive advantage of self-publishing on Amazon. A book

can be sold on the Amazon global marketplaces if you are licensed to use it in every area it’s

been sold.

• You can publish many publications as you wish

It’s possible to publish as many eBooks or paperback books as you want under one account,

even using different pen names and categories.

As a user, you can publish as many books as you want on Amazon KDP, provided it’s under

one account, even when using different categories and pet names.

• Buying Paper books Wholesale


Amazon KDP offers users a way to order a wholesale book from your KDP dashboard if they

want to have physical copies of books purchased. Still, the user will be responsible for the

cost of producing each of the physical copies of the books ordered.

• The books will have good sale ranks on the kindle store

We have good news for the young author, this platform will provide you with the opportunity

to move up in rank and sell books on a larger scale through this platform, more than the well

famous and popular authors that are not using this platform.

• There are no hidden costs

While listing your books for sale on Amason KDP, try to remember there are no hidden costs,

and you have the right to share part of the proceeds you have with Amazon KDP. While the

actual size of the share is determined by the royalty option you will select and the size of your

eBook file.

Type of books you can publish on the Amazon KDP platform

Books with no contents. The books with little or no content are called books. One will wonder

how a user will make money selling books with no content. Many individuals make large sums

of money selling books without content on Amazon KDP. The interiors of these books with no

contents are either blank, have no material, or have very little or no text.

Examples of books with no contents are:

• Blank Books

• Sketch Books

• Notebooks

• Blank Journals

• Graph papers

• Handwriting Books

• Primary story Journals

• Blank comic books

• Logbooks


However, Low contents books are paperback books with little graphics or tests on them but

are instead designed to help in giving guiding context to the user or the readers. E.g.

• Password Book

• Planners

• Address Books

• Inspirational Books

• Guests Books

• Recipe Books

• Daily Planners

• Coloring Books

• Quote books

Furthermore, the most fantastic part is that a user can turn publishing books on Amazon KDP

into a full-time job and earn a large sum of money. KDP platform has also become an avenue

of making passive income for the users.

How to start making low and no content books on Amazon KDP

For you to start publishing low and no contents books on Amazon KDP and earning massive

income, a user must approach it with the belief that it’s a legitimate business. A user must

possess two things when it comes to getting the books ready on the Amazon KDP platform.

The first is the book cover, and the second should be the book’s interior, which will be

uploaded on the platform differently. On the creative portal also, users may get fabricated

book interiors for every type of genre.

Furthermore, for a user to be able to create an interior on the platform, you will need some

vital equipment. This equipment is being given below, and every piece of equipment will

require the technical know-how of an individual.

• Inkscape


• PowerPoint

• Canva

• Photoshop


• Google slides

How to publish a book on Amazon KDP

These are steps to be taken when opening an Amazon KDP account:

• Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account

• Try to add a new Kindle eBook, i.e., a new title

• Set your Primary Language

• Enter your eBook title and subtitle

• Enter the author’s name

• Enter your preferred book description

• Try to verify your publishing right

• Then finally, try to choose your keywords. And you are good to go.

How to start making money on the Amazon KDP

These are steps to be taken when opening an Amazon KDP account:

• Creating an Amazon KDP account. And try filling out the necessary details.

• Try to make the book inside design to make it looks attractive. There are sites online that

help to give free interior design templates online.

• Try to create your book’s cover page.

• Upload it to Amazon KDP Select. And fill in the information that makes you an account

owner on the KDP platform.


We believe that you are satisfied with this article on how to make money using the Amazon

KDP for publishing low contents books. However, Users making money through the Amazon

KDP platform have witnessed a safe and simple user interface platform. So, why are you still

waiting? Follow the above guidelines and start earning money by publishing your low-content

books on the Amazon KDP platform.


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