The Market World has gotten bigger, more complex and digital. We have moved from

the usual buying and selling physically to online sales and to even online sales through

referrals this is where Affiliate marketing comes in. In this article, I am going to give you

insights about Affiliate marketing especially for the beginners who have no idea about it

so that at the end of reading this article you will have an idea of Affiliate marketing and

the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing

What is traffic source

Top best free traffic source



Bi Tiktok

Bii Twitter

Biii Instagram

Blog commenting


This is one of the strongest forms of digital marketing that is making headway across

the world, Affiliate marketing is simply an advertising strategy or arrangement where a

business pays affiliates( marketers, content creators) or external websites a commission (momey) for each customer or client they bring. Simple arrangement and

business but sometimes it can be tricky which means you need to know your traffic

source at the back of your hand. WHAT IS TRAFFIC SOURCE?

For beginners reading this article and want to become an affiliate marketer this is

a very important part of your journey. Traffic source is the point or origin where

your customers were derived. In other words, it is the origin or fount through

which customers found your business.For example when applying for a job most

likeable traffic source would be social media or LinkedIn, Which is why when

applying for a job you are sometimes asked, how did you hear about us? It’s a

way to tell the business owner how you got to know about them. TOP BEST FREE AFFILIATE MARKETING SOURCE

There are different, numerous free Affiliate marketing sources but for this article we

would only pick four best ones that will aid and guide you on your journey to becoming

an Affiliate marketer. 3a. SEO

SEO is the acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. The world has gone digital quicker

than we expected and we look to Google for almost everything SEO is a marketing tool

that deals with increasing traffic of a website or blog through search engines which are

NOT PAID for. The right SEO makes it possible for your information about a product or

business to be easily found on Google when a relative search is done about it. To accomplish a great SEO, you have to own a website or a blog possible WordPress

which is free to start with it is also a place where you can update regularly and give

reviews about the product you are marketing. Next your keywords, which Is very important sometimes if you input key words not

related to the topic your SEO can either tell you if it’s weak or strong, on a blog if its

strong then your content can be one of the leading contents on Google for that

particular search but if it is not I’m sure you know the answer to that already.


For example your keyword about flights should be airline and not clothing your content

will not be found on Google for that particular search of ‘flight’ if your keyword is

clothing. Thirdly you need to look at your competitors SEO’s as well watch what they write on

their own blogs and websites and also do the same. 3b SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media platforms are one of the most cheapest yet effective means of marketing

which is what as beginner you need a free or cheap but effective enough to bring you to

the starlight. There are several social media platforms but in this article I’d be

discussing just three the most common and accessible. 3bi Tiktok

Tiktok is a very good platform for digital marketing especially for the younger age and it

has over 700 million users which means traffic and that is what you need. Tiktok has

been a home for content creators to sell the brands of business owners and earn their

commission per customer

Tiktok offers you the posting links on bio so people following you can view and click on

it taking them straight to where they can buy these products. Since these links are

mostly limited to those following you, you have to build your page and have a lot of

followers before you start making profit, so tikok make take a while to start earning

money but once you get a good number of followers, you find out how powerful the

platform can be. 3bii Instagram

Instagram houses over billions of users hence what we are looking for which is the

TRAFFIC. Instagram allows you post links on your bio, all you have to do is edit your profile and

paste your link on your bio. If you decide to paste links of business to your post your

followers or those who comment have to copy and paste it on the web. As an affiliate marketer you are not just limited to posting links and pictures you can get videos from business owners if you do not wish to show your face and post reels which

is an effective way to gain traffic on your page and cause them to search for these

products. 3biii Twitter

Twitter is another big social media platform where you can get free traffic. Twitter is

easy but just as other platforms you get to grow your followers. How do you do that?

Post relatable stories and make sure you use hashtags, trending hashtags that will

make users visit your page when they do, they go through your bio and click on the link

that leads them straight to what they are looking for. It easier said than done but the truth is, it can be done with the right dedication. BLOG COMMENTING

This is another FREE form of gaining traffic. Most blogs have comment section

at the end of their posts if such blogs have good enough traffic you can focus

some of your strength into commenting on that blog thereby advertising the

product you wish to advertise, post your Instagram and titok handles for people

to follow this could send some of the blog readers your way. EMAIL

All you have to do is build a list of email subscribers you could either use

Instagram or Twitter by adding CTA (call to action) to your post. For example a

‘buy now or ‘subscribe now’ could make people click on it or get subscribed to

receiving emails from you and when they eventually, you could also include

another CTA in a highlighted version in the mail which takes them straight to the

product they wish to buy.




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